World 6's painting

World 6, Hesitance, is the fifth world in Braid.

World MechanicEdit

World 6 provides the player with a magic ring which, when dropped, warps the flow of time around itself; the closer moving objects (including Tim) are to it, the slower time passes for them. The regular rewind control remains available.


Level-3-1.png6-1: The Pit?
Level-3-2.png6-2: There and Back Again
Level-3-3.png6-3: Phase?
Level-6-4.png6-4: Cascade
Level-6-5.png6-5: Impassible Foliage
Level-6-6.png6-6: Elevator Action
Level-6-7.png6-7: In Another Castle



      Perhaps in a perfect world, the ring would be a symbol of happiness. It's a sign of ceaseless devotion: even if he will never find the Princess, he will always be trying. He still will wear the ring.


      But the ring makes its presence known. It shines out to others like a beacon of warning. It makes people slow to approach. Suspicion, distrust. Interactions are torpedoed before Tim can open his mouth.


      In time he learns to deal with others carefully. He matches their hesitant pace, tracing a soft path through their defenses. But this exhausts him, and it only works to a limited degree. It doesn't get him what he needs.


      Tim begins to hide the ring in his pocket. But he can hardly bear it — too long tucked away, that part of him might suffocate.

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