Green Glow is the unofficial name of the glow, or magic, that covers objects that are not affected by time manipulation, both by Tim or by the mechanics of the current World. These can vary from objects such as keys, gates, and cannons, to enemies like Monstars and Venus Flytraps, and even Tim himself. These objects can also be referred to as "exempt" objects, as they are exempt from the usual flow of time.

Green Glow keysEdit

Keys that glow green can be both helpful and troublesome. Being unaffected by time manipulation, if the key is used on a gate, it will be unusuable even if time is reversed to the point before opening. If picked up and time is reversed, the key remains in possession, even if Tim travels back to before the point of picking up the key. This is commonly used for solving puzzles, a notable one being Level-Small-3-1.png3-1: The Pit. In situations where it would be impossible to bring a key to where it is needed, a Green Glow key may allow Tim to travel backward in time with the key in possession, to the necessary location.

Magical PlatformsEdit

When Tim stands on magical platforms, he is enveloped by green glow. While Tim is influenced by magic, he is free to manipulate time without himself being affected. This allows the player find an optimal arrangement of the world and continue towards the solution.

After Tim gets off the platform, he will still be influenced by magic for a short period of time.

This may prove useful in a puzzle (hint hint): the magical platforms themselves don't automatically have the green glow.

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